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Coinsniper is a promoting platform for coins. Using you can easily be marketing your coin to get new investments. You need 1000 votes within 1 hours 6$ of your token after submitting your coin on coinsniper to live that. Otherwise, it will be removed by the admin.

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How does coinsniper work?

New cryptocurrency projects can be listed after applying. Once applied, they instantly become visible on the New Listings Page. It requires 500 votes to be officially listed in the top list. After that, anyone can see and vote for the project.

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Increase vote on your project, because votes matter. The project will get exposure to all coinsniper visitors. Only unique votes count. You can count every 24 hours on the “Today” page.

Benefits of buying coinsniper votes

CoinSniper finds the best crypto coins today, the top-voted coins of the last 24 hours. Follow some benefits of buying coin sniper upvotes.

  • Easy to promote coin on CoinSniper
  • New listings require 500 votes to be listed in the list
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  • Show your coin to a huge audience
  • Grow your coin everyday
  • Encourage users to pay attention to your coin
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  • One of the best methods to promote a cryptocurrency is rating.

Why should i buy coinsniper upvotes?

There are a few more advantages to buy coinsniper upvotes for your token.

  • With a good number of votes gives more confidence to your investors.
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  • You will get down if you have no a huge votes and your competitors will be top list.

How to buy coinsniper votes?

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